Restaurant Review: 6 Ballygunge Place, Bangalore

Posted on February 29, 2008


Ballygunge Place on 12th Main Indiranagar 2nd Stage is my gateway to the world of Bengali cuisine. This was my third visit and as always I discovered something new, that I hadn’t tasted before, and loved it. But first, a bit about the ambiance and such.

Like many commercial establishments on its road, the restaurant is located in a building that was originally a house. This means that the floor plan is not necessarily ideal for a restaurant. However the restaurant owners have made best use of what they have. There are two main rooms (“dining halls”) and a covered and closed balcony with tables that look out on the road. Choose the balcony tables if you like to see the world go by as you eat.

The restaurant walls sport a number of interesting black and white pictures of old Kolkatta and its people. The ones I noticed and remembered are of a young smiling Saurav Ganguly and a young Amitabh Bachhan in full cricketing gear walking out to bat. Overall the ambiance is cheery, bright and modern without being processed. The service is excellent; polite without being overwhelming. The waiters know what is on the menu and can explain it to you. Every time I have visited the restaurant I have easily got a table without a prior reservation. This is surprising as I thought by now more people would have discovered the good food this place has to offer.

Now the food – This time Deepa and I decided to exclusively try the vegetarian menu and ordered the Palang Channar Kofta and Mochar Paturi with Parathas to go with them. The Kofta dumplings are made of spinach (palak) and with a small stuffing of cottage cheese (paneer) and served in a thick gravy made of tomato and onion. The Mochar Paturi is made from chopped banana flowers, parcelled in a banana leaf and cooked in mustard oil. The Parathas are made of maida (plain flour) and roasted on a tava (griddle).

I loved the Kofta. The tomato and onion gravy gave it a mellow taste without being sweet. The dumplings were cooked just right; neither crumbly nor sticky. It goes really well with the paratha. The Mochar Paturi, on the other hand, is much more agressive in taste. The banana flower is slightly crunchy as you bite into it and has a sharp taste of the mustard that gives your tastebuds a real zing. Personally, I found the taste of the mustard a tad overpowering. It was great to start on the Paturi but I couldn’t keep up and finish the entire serving. If there was one thing I found lacking, it was the paratha. While it is great to taste when it is hot off the tava, as it cools down, because it is made of maida, it starts to become chewy and rubbery. There is no wheat-based bread on the menu and for somebody like me who prefers bread to rice that is a bit of a shame….. (I know, I know that the Bengalis love their rice and the next time I promise to not bother about the bread.)

Overall this is a place that I would highly recommend. Go there and explore the wide repertoire of Bengali cuisine.