Volunteers/Marketing Communication/Karuna Trust – Bangalore

Posted on September 8, 2010


Karuna Trust is a Bangalore based NGO focussed on delivering community health services through primary healthcare centers (PHCs). Karuna Trust currently operates over 46 PHCs  in 5 Indian states under various public-private partnership initiatives.

Karuna Trust is seeking volunteers to help create marketing communication assets for its fund raising outreach programme. The Karuna Trust fund raising team would use these assets to engage potential individual donors, communicate the Trust’s activities & plans and encourage donations to the Trust’s corpus.

As a member of the team you will help arrive at the overall marketing communication strategy and the wireframe of assets required to implement the strategy. You will also create individual assets for e.g. presentations, brochures, posters, av assets, etc.

There are 3 positions available and Karuna Trust is looking for individuals with a minimum of 2 years of experience either as a product marketing manager or with an advertising agency. Individuals interested must agree to work for 2 hours/week for 3 months from the start of the engagement. These 2 hours/week can be offered on any day(s) of the volunteer’s convenience and need not necessarily be offered in a single time block. These are volunteer positions and no remuneration is offered.

To apply please send an email to karuna.trust@vsnl.net and for more information on Karuna Trust please visit www.karunatrust.com

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