Restaurant Review: Peppa Zzing, Bangalore

Posted on February 20, 2011


Peppa Zzing is a new(ish) restaurant that offers American style burgers, hot dogs, pastas and finger food like chicken wings. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Kedia Arcade which is the building next to SBI towards the Safina Plaza end of Infantry road.

The restaurant is small but wants to seat about 25 good friends that don’t mind an occasional bump or a nudge. Thankfully there were only 4 or 5 other people when we were at the restaurant. Peppa Zzing has adopted the colour red and absolutely everything that can be red is red; the signage, the walls, the chairs. The overall effect of this choice is to make the place look cheery but a tad plastic-ky. But enough of the ambience and onto the food.

The menu is small and focused; burgers are the house speciality though there are some rolls, hot dogs and pastas on offer. Burgers come in 3 sizes – in order of increasing size – regular, monster and whammy. We decided to try the regular size burger and I ordered a beef burger. The burgers come with no toppings and you can choose (for an extra charge) from cheese, mushrooms, onions & mustard and fourth one that I have now forgotten. I chose cheese plus onions & mustard. We also ordered barbecue chicken wings to get us started. One peculiar thing – the restaurant will not offer you water, you have to buy a bottle if you want any.

It was some while before our chicken wings were served and when they did come I realized that the theme colour red was carried over to the food too. I have never tasted chicken wings smothered in tomato sauce; tomato sauce that I suspect came from a bottle labeled Maggi or Kissan. It was only hunger and a Punjabi-sque love for chicken that saw me finish the wings. Thankfully the burgers were a different and an all together happier story. My beef patty was of generous proportion and well-flavoured. The meat was well ground and cooked through but retained the taste and juiciness of meat so essential for a good burger. My choice of toppings were spot on and added to the overall taste. Burgers come with a side of wafers (or crisps as the English call it or chips as the Americans call it); nice but not particularly good or original. Unfortunately, while offering us a generous sized burger, the chef forgot to put adequate amounts of binding agent (corn flour or egg white) and this made the burger patty crumbly. It also did not help that the bun was not large enough to fully cover the patty and was also crumbly. The net effect was that the burger, with each bite, kept disintegrating in my hands and made eating it a rather messy affair.

The service was acceptable but not necessarily knowledgeable. The day’s special was Minute Steak burger and when one of the patrons asked the waiter what was minute (as in tiny) about this stake, the waiter went on to explain how a steak is different from a patty. The restaurant owner/manager lady was present on the floor but didn’t see her talk to any of the tables to get feedback or even thank them for being there. Small gestures like these is what makes me come back to a restaurant and forgive the occasional poor service.

A meal for two with a starter, burgers and drinks should set you back by Rs. 500. Overall, good burgers that can do with some improvement but I don’t see me going back there in a hurry.