My Financial Planner is Like

Posted on August 9, 2011


My Financial Planner is like my Family Physician.

I value my planner’s Skill, but more importantly like for my physician, I value my planner

…. For the Trust I have in his doing what is best for me

…. For the Knowledge he has of my and my family’s financial History and Goals

…. For being Available when I need him – even late in the evening or on weekend

…. For all practical purposes being a Friend

There are many a financial planners that pitch for my business; they may have better skills but none have made the effort to win my trust as a friend and hence none ever get my business.

What do you think your service means to your customer? Who are you like to them?

Even better: who, in their lives, would you like the customers to equate you with?

Now what must you do to make that equation happen?

People don’t buy goods or services; people buy people.