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Demonetisation & Godel’s Theorems of Incompleteness

November 27, 2016


The demonetisation exercise has precipitated so much discussion, assertions, name calling, etc. that it is hard to not pay attention to it. Broadly speaking folks seems to fall into two camps: Those that believe that the: inconvenience that this exercise has put 90% of the population who are honest is not worth any amount of […]

Why Should I Pay 300 When I Can Get Away With 100

July 4, 2011


My wife D, when she goes shopping to the congested Commercial Street area, insists on using her scooter. This weekend, unfortunately, she ran into trouble. Apparently she parked where she shouldn’t have and the traffic police towed away her scooter while she was inside a shop. Now D is a very conscientious citizen and obeys all […]

Influence Peddling: Part of Indian Way of Life?

May 3, 2011


When I turned 40 last year, I promised myself that I will resolutely guard against one habit of middle age – cynicism. Unfortunately, over the past month or so, my resolve has been severly tested. I despair that peddling influence to get work done is now part of the Indian way of life. It is […]

Volunteers/Marketing Communication/Karuna Trust – Bangalore

September 8, 2010


Karuna Trust is a Bangalore based NGO focussed on delivering community health services through primary healthcare centers (PHCs). Karuna Trust currently operates over 46 PHCs  in 5 Indian states under various public-private partnership initiatives. Karuna Trust is seeking volunteers to help create marketing communication assets for its fund raising outreach programme. The Karuna Trust fund raising team would use […]