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Public Healthcare System in India – Are the NRHM norms adequate?

May 28, 2009


The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) 2005 is the latest government of India initiative to address the healthcare needs of the citizens especially of those in residing in rural areas, the poor, women and children. The NRHM’s zen is to ensure availability and accessibility of quality healthcare services through a four-tiered infrastructure.  The NRHM recognizes […]

Learning from the Telecom revolution in India

March 10, 2009


Contemporary commentaries highlight the success India’s policy makers have had in making available to her citizens affordable and quality access to telecom services. I have often wondered if there are lessons that we could learn from this success and apply them to the problem of universal health care. The table below captures the industry’s growth […]

Extending Health Insurance Coverage to Citizens of Maryland: A Proposal

February 11, 2009


On Nov. 12, 2008, the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative Education Fund (MCHI), a non-profit organization, unveiled a detailed proposal to extend health insurance coverage to all citizens of the state of Maryland in the United States. I do not follow the politics of Maryland so I don’t know what chance this proposal has of seeing […]

Does India have adequate number of Hospital beds?

January 27, 2009


In this entry I want to return to the question: in pursuit of an universal healthcare initiative does India have adequate soft and hard infrastructure to deliver universal coverage? In a previous entry I investigated the availability of health workers, doctors and nurses, and was pleasantly surprised to find that India does indeed have an […]

Pooling the Risk for Universal Healthcare Part III: To Unitary Risk Pool via Integrated Risk Pools

January 19, 2009


In the previous entry I addressed why Unitary Risk Pool is a desirable arrangement when implementing a universal healthcare initiative. I also highlighted the challenges involved in establishing a unitary risk pool. These challenges become particularly acute in a large population and less developed economy like India. Indeed for most countries a unitary risk pool […]

Pooling the Risk for Universal Healthcare Part II: No Risk Pool or Unitary Risk Pool

January 13, 2009


In the previous entry I addressed the need for risk pooling for a successful universal healthcare initiative. In this entry I want to write about the possible models for risk pooling. The two obvious models are no risk pool – individuals take care of their healthcare needs without the society sharing any risk or burden, […]

Pooling the Risk for Universal Healthcare Part I: Why is it necessary?

January 7, 2009


Implementation of a Universal Healthcare system can be thought of as an exercise in managing 3 interlinked challenges: Funding: How to raise adequate and equitable – those with means subsidise those without – funding? Pooling: How to ensure efficient and equitable risk pooling – ensure that the more risky are not left out and the […]