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My Financial Planner is Like

August 9, 2011


My Financial Planner is like my Family Physician. I value my planner’s Skill, but more importantly like for my physician, I value my planner …. For the Trust I have in his doing what is best for me …. For the Knowledge he has of my and my family’s financial History and Goals …. For being Available […]

Whose Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

August 3, 2011


I have, in an earlier post, written about the need to discover an effective value proposition for your product or service. There is, however, an important pre-requisite to developing your value proposition. Marketers often forget that value proposition is not an end in itself but a means to an end; value proposition helps your target customer […]

Value Proposition that Resonates

March 20, 2011


In an earlier blog entry I had argued that the primary job of any marketer is to engage customers to increase their awareness of and generate interest for the business’ product. Implicit in the previous statement is the assumption that the marketer knows and consistently delivers the value proposition that sparks a customer’s interest and propels her to buy […]